My opinion on Curses!

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    I think I failed to articulate what I meant, and I apologize.They are not right to be saying that. The rest I’m leaving...
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    Wow, I completely agree with her. I think cursing over stupid trivial things is exactly that- stupid and trivial. Yes,...
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    Just to be clear, any perceived threat towards another in cyberspace is considered unlawful.
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    Some of you need to learn the meaning of this word.. I didn’t watch the video, I do not intend on watching it, even if...
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    What they posted is verbal abuse and bullying which IS a crime, no matter how you look at it. So either way, jail time...
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    To address your questions, since you took the time to write: 1. Yes I do say some one should go do something else,...
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    Alright, here’s my problem with this video, and I did watch it all. You are making several assumptions that don’t really...
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    Oh I dunno I was just talking about the person directly above me. I’ve not seen the video yet so I’ll comment on it when...
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    How cruel.
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    Maybe it’s about making sure you don’t regret doing the curse later? Idk. *scuttles away*
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    Okay just going to point this out and label me a curse shamer, but if you curse because you get angry someone doesn’t...