It’s Mahhh 23rd Birthday…. harp present

My harp Proffessor decided to do the sweetest thing for me today!

Story Time:

So I go into her studio and she tells me to sit down. I suddenly get nervous because I think I am in some sort of trouble. Then she says, “Brittany, I want to play something for you.” So I was thinking, “Maybe this is a new piece I’m going to learn or something…” Anyway, she goes through the first few measures of music and then suddenly I recognize the infamous Birthday song! It was so sweet of her to remember and play for me that I actually started to cry a little. She then gave me a bag of chocolates and said, “I really wanted to get you chai tea, but for some reason the grocery store was all out! I was so mad!!” (She is also a 70 year old woman too, so it’s so funny to see her get all worked up!)

But just the fact that she remembered and did that for me was just so touching. I think that was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever gotten.

  1. missphish said: Happy Birthday girlie :)
  2. crescentofaer said: I didn’t know beforehand, and for that I am sorry. But I do now, and I shall remember it. My your days be happy; not just this one, but all.
  3. hauntinghillhouse said: That’s so wonderful! I’m glad it touched your heart so much, and I hope you continue to have a very pleasant day. :)
  4. hobbitheart said: Aww! <3 Happy birthday! :D
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